Zoo Tower Challenge, October 7, 2017


Hard: 6.5 Km. 3 laps; you must go around the tower at least one time.
Harder: 10 Km. 3 laps; you must go around the tower at least one time.
Hardest: 21.1 Km. 6 laps, you must go around the tower a minimum of 3 times.


For those that want more challenge and lactic acid in the legs.

You will not forget this race. You will get a new experience whether you expect to reach the finish as number one or you just want to reach a personal goal.

Chip timing and officials will mark each time the tower is passed

Chip Timing

Copenhagen Tower Run will be held again at Frederiksberg October 7, 2017

"Zoo Tower Challenge"

We will start the run from Frederiksberg Town Square and go to the Zoo and up into the tower,

built in 1905, which stands 70 meters above sea level. We know from last year's run that you're going to get an experience that will physically challenge you, partly because as a participant you can run the course in Frederiksberg 2, 3, or 6 times and partly because the tower itself, which has 182 steps to reach the top. Once finished with the tower,

runners get a little walk in the zoo and then continue on your route to make passes 2, 3 or 6 times for final distances of 6.5 km. or 10 Km. and 21.1 Km.

Start / Dimensions Frederiksberg Town Square

Info: All start numbers have access to the Zoo at each cycle

Chip Timing

First start (21.1 Km.): Cl. 18:00
Second start (6,5 Km.): Cl. 18:15
Third start (10 Km.): Cl. 18:30

All runners must be finish by 21:30 cut off time 21:30
All participants in the Copenhagen Tower Run
will get a medal when they cross the line.
By signing up for the course, you agree that you run at your own risk and no one can be held liable for any damages you may cause yourself or others. We strongly suggest that you should not
overtake other runners in the tower and that you show good sportsmanship. If overtaking is necessary, please let the other runner know that want to pass.

If you pause during the tower ascent, one can rest on the first floor or keep to the right of the stairs, so other runners can pass. Avoid overtaking others during the descent from the tower.

We suggest that you use the headlamp, or at least have another source of light when the tower is lit all the way up. The sun goes down about 18:21 and it starts to get dark. In case of cancellation
because of weather or nature, the organizer can not be held responsible and there is no possibility of a refund of the registration fee Once you are enrolled, the amount paid is not refundable.
Traffic laws must be observed.
Starting at Frederiksberg Town Square, which also handed out starting numbers from 15:00. All start numbers must be picked up at the latest at 17:30.
Remember to bring proof of payment and social security card or other ID. Start numbers must be worn visibly during the race.
Your start number works as a ticket for our luggage tent that will be staffed throughout the event.
Be aware that you store things there at your own risk.
CTR toilet stalls will be found in the square and at the Zoo. There are also real restrooms at the site.
ATTENTION! There is a fee of 2 kr. to use the toilets.
All under 15 years must bring written consent of a parent or guardian. This must be returned at registration for your start number.
We recommend that anyone under 15 years has someone accompanying them through the route.
Age limit for participation in Copenhagen Tower Run is set to 12 years.
We recommend taking the subway or other public transport. Parking is possible near the drain area.
Copenhagen Tower Run supports VIVA "together for childern"
Copenhagen Tower Run - Cvr-nr: 25151623 - Email: Info@copenhagentowerrun.dk - Mobile: +45 20 95 69 87
Eventplanlægger: Erik Rasmussen